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5 top TV Shown in the United Stats

June 4, 2013

Game of Thrones

This is an American world-famous fantasy television show there are a large number of people like to watch the show, and this is one of the most favorite TV series among the US televise drama series fans. The Game of Thrones is written by Mr. David Beniof and DB Weiss, the writers entered many interesting moves in the perfect shout of the series there are a large number of people want to watch the whole movie and they think that this is their favorite movie going on nowadays.

The TV show created on the different places of the United States, it was started in April 2011 and until it is on the broadcasting however, it is estimated that the series would go on to the year 2014. There are other countries locations are the part of the TV series including Malta, Croatia, Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Morocco. To know about the reviews of these TV shows you can go to The News Fly.

Game of Thrones photo

Glee (TV series)

Glee is another American musical comedy drama for the people who like to laugh at their home, there are many people who like to see a large number of comedies movies but they never seen any other TV series. There are many social issues have been highlighted in the way of comedy movies, the people who want to see something extra such as the issues of relationship, some sexuality issues and many other social things are the part of the Glee TV series.

Glee (TV series) photo

Duck Dynasty

You will like to see this television series as this is one of the 5 top TV Shown in US, and a large number of people in the region use this in the series the people like to show the robber stone family’s life in which Duck commander who operate a West Monroe in his career and want to use the best thing for his work. The TV series is now popular every age of people.

Duck Dynasty photo

Doctor Who

This is another popular series among the TV series fans of the United States, in the series it shows depicts of the adventure of Time of Lord, that’s why this is 5 top TV Shown in US, so if you don’t watch the show until make sure you have time for this.

Doctor Who photo

American Idol

This is an American musical show which is not only popular and they are finding the perfect American voice which has all of the qualities. So never forget to watch this show. For the results of American Idol you can visit

American Idol photo


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