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Famous world leaders of 2012

June 5, 2013

Barack Obama

The president of the United States of America is one of the most popular world leader of 2013, as the US is one of the powerful countries in this world, and they have a strong economy as well as the military forces of this region are working in all over the world. Now the president of US has become one of the most popular leaders of the world as he has been selected as the president for the 2nd five year term. Now he is leading the country in a better way as the policies of the Mr. Obama are getting stronger in the way of his leadership as well as the contacts of US administration made better during the leadership of Mr. Obama. There are many reason are behind in this success of Mr. Obama, The News Flay would be a better source about Obama and US related news.

Barack Obama photo

Christine Lagarde

This is the world famous lady politician in the world, as she is famous in all over the world. The lady is the first women who how cranium the IMF for the very first time. Christine Lagarde is now famous in all over the world after taking part in the Euro zone debt crises and she has a great part in the way of her perfect political career. Now she has a great identity in the list of world leaders of 2012, for the news and updates about more politicians you can visit

Barack Obama photo

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong who is the leader of North Korea he is also named in the list of world leader of 2012, as he has a great back ground in his career of leadership. He is one of the famous leaders of the world just because of his fantastic leadership skills. He manages to make the country stronger with the help of his economic strategies, the defense system of the country made stronger during his leadership as the experience rocket launchers.

There are lists of world leader of who have made their name with their unique leadership styles, such as Imran Khan from Pakistan, Hillary Clinton the former US secretary of state and Mohammad Morosi the current president of Egypt and many more are listed in the world famous leaders.

Kim Jong Un photo


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